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Hello, my name is Celeste and I love essential oils and natural home remedies.


Welcome to 'A Scented Story' where I share my knowledge and experiences with you. I've been interested in aromatherapy for decades and fascinated with its holistic offerings. I enjoy mixing my own creams, lotions, and balms at home. I want to know what I'm putting on my body or using in my house. 

After high school, I attended a two-year college and completed a National Higher Certificate in Beauty Therapy. The course included massage therapy. I consecutively completed the CEDESCO certificate course which is an internationally recognized qualification in Beauty therapy. Over the years I have completed numerous short courses on a variety of topics including, nutrition, how to use essential oils, their benefits, and more.

As the years went on, my career changed course and I became a writer. I no longer work as a massage therapist but that didn't dampen my interest in essential oils and their holistic properties. I still mix my own self-care and home care products. 


As a writer: 

I have written four young adult fantasy fiction novels.                        https://www.celestewilsonstoryteller.com/ 



I have published numerous articles on Hubpages. My articles have been read over 55,000 times and growing.                                                      https://hubpages.com/@celesteinscribed


Several of my articles are featured on

After a pretty serious health scare in 2013, I decided to broaden my knowledge about herbal remedies, healing teas, soothing essential oils, and more. It was time to take control of my health. So I stepped up my research of essential oils, healing herbs, and delicious therapeutic teas.

The 'A Scented Story' website aims to share my holistic experiences with you as I discover and use different oils, herbs, and teas. I am not a qualified homeopath or naturopath. I am a qualified massage therapist and freelance writer with a keen interest in holistic living. I only share my recipes and knowledge with you. I do not, at any time, offer diagnoses for any medical conditions, ailments, aches, or pains. If you have any health concerns, please check with your health care practitioner before you use any oils.

Thank you for visiting ' Scented Story' and for joining me on this journey to health and wellness.


Kindest regards