Ylang Ylang

Botanical name:

Cananga Odorata





Method of extraction:

Steam distilled



Clear to pale yellow





Extracted from:



Note clarification:

Middle or base



Sweet and floral


Blends well with:

Bergamot, cedarwood, citrus oils, clary sage, jasmine, marjoram, petitgrain rose, sandalwood vetiver


Therapeutic uses:

It is a useful ingredient in acne treatment because it helps to regulate sebum (skin oils) production in the skin.

Its calming scent is great for anti-anxiety blends.



Anyone prone to headaches should use Ylang Ylang sparingly.

Do not use on children under 2 years

It can cause skin irritation on anyone with sensitive skin or someone with a skin disease.


Approximate shelf life:


 7 years (refrigerated)



The Ylang Ylang tree has been nicknamed the perfume tree in the past because its flowers are so fragrant.

This plant extract is often used to in perfumery




Do not use any essential oils or essential oil blends if you have any underlying health conditions. Some oils are not safe for children, pregnant women, or pets. Always check with your doctor or certified aromatherapist, if you are unsure about the benefits or contra-indicators of a recipe or its ingredients. ‘A Scented Story’ is solely my platform to share my experiences with essential oils and other natural products. I do not prescribe any treatments.


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